Self Care Tips

Affirmations are used for motivation and/or aiding in achieving a goal or goals. Listed below are some affirmations you can use daily.

  • I have a healthy mind, body and soul.
  • I am divinely guided and protected.
  • I am worthy of receiving great things.
  • My health is an investment not an expense.
  • I deserve love, joy and peace of mind.
  • I am abundant in all forms without harm or danger.
  • I am always a magnet to amazing people, experiences and things.
  • I am beautifullly and wonderfully made.

Some Self Care tips include:
• Practice gratitude at all times
• Stay hydrated and consume nutritious foods (water, fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, etc.)
• Exercise regularly
• Deep breathe
• Meditate
• Do Yoga
• Maintain good hygiene
• Get enough sleep/rest
• Set aside time to relax
• Pamper yourself (get massages, foot soaks, facials, etc. – using all-natural products)
• Tap into your creativity and create
• Set healthy boundaries
• Build healthy relationships
• Always focus on the good
• Declutter in all areas of your life
• Live, Love, Laugh!

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