Your body is a temple, so let’s treat it with utmost care both internally and externally! At Goddess Holistic Haven, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of care and support. We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and we are passionate about helping them achieve that goal. Our range of natural products is top-tier and perfect for self-care. We are the ideal choice as your partner on your holistic wellness journey.

Natural Body & Skin Care


Tichelle G.

Good morning ☺️ I tried your steam and it was amazing. At the beginning I was scared due to the fact that I was never open to this type of healing other than pharmaceutical drugs. However after taking the steam I saw the change on my first menstrual cycle. I was certain that blood can be left back from your previous cycle in which around a woman womb can be dirty. I love that this steam help me also my menstrual pain is now less. Thanks so much Goddess Holistic Haven ☺️


Yannik M.

Best products ever
After my miscarriage the Goddess Haven yoni steam really helped a lot with getting everything out ( a little graphic but it’s the reality women goes through) it also helped minimize the cramping 🙏🏾 before it was unbelievable painful, after the steam I was feeling so much better. I was dreading going back to work but after the steam I went back comfortably.

Thank you so much.
Can’t wait to try more of your products.
Will definitely be purchasing again.


Sheena S.

It’s with great pleasure that I thank you Goddess for recommending the detox collection for my circulation. The collection included Blood Purification, Easy Does it and Restoration for a 3 month course. From not being able to sit or stand for long periods with great discomfort, now I can sit and stand for longer periods with a great ease. I had constant pulling and pain in the right leg that had me in servive pain,which also has lessened tremendously. I also was unable to bend without experiencing great pain and after using the tea,I must say with great joy and confidence that I can bend almost to touch my toes again with little discomfort. From the deep of my heart,I say thank you so much for the amazing care,dedication and terrific service. Yessss! The teas work 🤗💃🏼💃🏼I greatly appreciate the effect it had on my body I am grateful for using it. Thanks again so much.


Telizsha P.

Good day. The three teas that I bought to detox are working really well. My inside feels great and my belly is going down. I must say that I also used the yoni steam and I felt really good after using it. This is my second menstrual cycle since using these products and I am not getting the bad pain I usually endure. The heavy blood flow also decreased. Thanks so much. 👍🏽


Makila G.

Hi Goddess, I just wanted to let you know that I love your yoni oil. It’s so gentle I even use it on my face. My lower extremities are thankful. The moisture from the oil is good. The herbs in the oil also infuses the oil very well. Will purchase again. Would also recommend to others.


Acomie P.

Hi good evening. I just want to tell you that I am in love with the body oil as it works well with my skin. I love the gold flakes and the scent is not too strong. Simply amazing. I have to hide it from my my sons. A forever customer. Great service also. Thank you.


Meryse D.

The golden glow body oil is the first massage oil I have bought, and is loving it. My boyfriend and I have been using it together, we use creams but this oil works great. The scent is not too much, it’s pleasant and smoothes into the skin really well. I cannot wait to get my own bottle to myself 🤭


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